Friday, January 21, 2011

Joseph Runningfox -Excerpt from The Life of Joe Runningfox by Jane Hoffman

Have you ever met someone who was on the same page for 15 years after seeing the light because they revised their version of truth? Someone whose perspective was so genuis and incredible but were driven down the same hunter's path of fame while defying their soul? Hollywood invited Joe in, but perhaps, his gift was tremendous but the cost was too deep. Find out why on Blogtalk radio Sunday night. Show listing below.

Preview to radio show Sunday night 1/22/11 at 7 p.m.

I worked with Joe Runningfox on "Father, Save Your Skin" - a Native American Play about Ojibwe.


  1. Joseph is in AA and has completed rehab treatment for Alcoholism. He has been a good and loving father to our son, Sage, and has worked very hard on his sobriety. This story Jane posted was from 2005. I am sorry there are still amends to be made but to exploit someone suffering and disease for personal satisfaction is not Christian and counter-productive. Joseph does have an agent and can be seen on Sons of Anarchy as a guest star. I am happy he is sober to be a respectable father and example. Alcoholism is a disease that afflicts many families. Christ teaches to mend the broken heart and love our brothers even our enemies. Letting go of past mistakes and creating a positive healthy future is the main goal. Normally, I wouldn't share our personal life but I felt I should clarify the situation and speak the truth. God Bless us all.

  2. Unfortunately, I wrote a post like this because Joe Runningfox and his paranoia and his lies as recent as 24 hours ago forced me to tell the dark secrets of his life. But I will not do that on the radio show. My personal history is blended with Joe's on many levels, levels some people they know everything about. My motive for doing a radio show was to highlight his interesting vision of the modern and traditional world. But he took it to a lower level and became accusatory to people who have helped him. This is my own personal blog site few people know about. By lies and attacks, myself who is a vague public figure are driven emotionally to share the truth on my own personal blog because its real,his life has caused me grief and there is no redemption for those who have NO FAITH. My Christianity drove me to reach out many times. You can only get slapped in the face so many times until you shut the door. If anyone wants to testify to any of Joe's life, they can call in the show at 347-989-1942. I would like to say, what you sow is what you reap. But I will not go there and use ammunition. I will do the show in an integrity driven fashion and see listeners will know.

  3. I would rather have the first person testimony of the above subject matter testify to his progression than a secondary source. For it is J.r. himself that created and breeds on the fear of his own self-reflection and how he believes the world perceives him. Full recovery would not allow that fear to persist.