Friday, March 19, 2010


This is my letter to Brad Sherman, my congressman I wrote today to pass health care.

Thank You for Contacting Brad
The following information was received by our office.
03/19/2010 14:33
Ms. Jane Hoffman
Your message:I am a student at Cal State Northridge. I am also a medi-cal recipient as a single parent and receive full health care as does my son. I am thankful that California provides health care to me as a low income mother. I have single friends who do not have health care and have to depend on free clinics or low cost nominal fee clinics. UCLA did dental work on my friend and messed up her teeth and she got a 15% discount. It is my desire as a low income mother and a Masters degree political science graduate to ensure that every American is as privileged as me to have accessible health care. In 1992, when I was married and I had a daughter at age 20 months who died while having heart transplant surgery, my husband and I paid our own premiums for health care with a large deductible. My husband had a salary of 25,000 as a parochial principal and I was a stay at home mom with a terminally ill child. Not until our expenses reached over $10,000 did the State of Wisconsin kick in some help. They only provided about $100 in special nutritional milk for our daughter. Our daughter died in the end of a failed heart transplant because the other heart they transplanted did not work (from cardiomyopthy - the diagnosis), but I know what getting free health care is when you are struggling vs. paying for it while still working but being low income. Health Care may not be a God -given right but if our country cares about the well being and optimal performance of our citizens, it is a mandate that Americans could pay into and support. Please hear me out. I am one of the few people who has benefited from government. I am not a free loader. I am a full time teaching credential student, a single mom and a part time worker. I know that passing health care will create more jobs and intrinsically bring more connectiveness of the people to their government. Americans feel tired upon by mean spirited Republicans who deny us any help. Sincerely, Jane Hoffman