Tuesday, May 5, 2009


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Boycott "town life" of Carey Underworld

Mistakes were made. Following the same train of thought I could go in two directions. Start a witch hunt or decade long feud. Or forgive her and move on. She is undeserving of anything but a full blowout but my Baptist roots having me lead to a mtntop to review the situation. I wonder if she has any redeeming qualities besides gettin into ppl's business and dissin them. She told my twin and I if she ever ended up in White Bear Lake it would be to boring and to sh***t her. But she has gone so downhill, I don't even have the drive to advance the fate of my new nemesis. I want to wash her from my brain and avoid any thought of her. I chastised her twice in the last month and she immediately called my sister to report it. I think she's working for the Hedda Gazette....I am so important she has to circulate the news instantly. With her there is no escape. She can't even walk to her car, let alone the park. She is chained in her own self destruction obliberating her past and those she knew in her past. Maybe her next stop should be the confessional booth to shed those tears and pounds.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Kenyan Kansas Camelot

I have to change name cuz someone may think i am writing an acronym for KKK.

Kenyan Kansas Kamelot

You heard it from me first. This is the official Obama era named presidency: Kenyan Kansas Kamelot.