Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A path for the chosen

Sometimes even as Christians, we do not have a way to release our pain. I have been burdened lately by situations stemming from my childhood. Part of it has to do with the interfacing on Facebook and daily reminders of people I knew from childhood. Not everyone on FB really is my friend. I thought about making a new category for known acquaintances called "Emotionally Unavailable." I would like to drop them as my friend, one in particular, but the history is so long between our families, it would seem as if a piece of my childhood would be forever gone. God is weeding my past to cultivate my future. Some people no longer belong in my life and have not for a long time. I have two hometown friends on the West Coast now that I share a stronger bond with. I am still looking North for relief. My vagabond tendencies are taking me in a new direction. If I settle back in Minnesota, I will live in Lanesboro or Mankato. If I go up to live with Gina, it will be Spokane, Wa. Thats all for now...back to work.