Friday, November 6, 2009

Sexual Rehab TV Show

When I first heard they were doing a tv show w Dr. Drew on Sex Rehab I kind of thought, how indulgent. But then when I watched it last night, I realized how many people in this country have fallen in traps of sexual addiction either to remedy themselves, prove their worth, or pure lack of moral values. One rock star guy had sex with 3,000 women over a 3 yr period. Sex was just a casual ritual, he probably didn't even know half their names. Another girl who was Miss Teen USA was molested from age 5 to 7 and couldn't answer any honest questions about herself. She was really a tragic figure who seemed mentally suppressed. Besides clinical help, people need to find God's will for their life and how God values them. They can never learn that from therapy alone. They were tricked by Satan and the world that indulging in pleasures will make you more valid or popular. Some of them do not even have one true friend such as Miss Teen USA who said she had 90 names on her phone and couldn't call anyone for help. American society is really fucked up to create such fragile people such of these who are pursuing fame, relishing fame and abusing fame. They are all celebs on the show who have fallen in Satan's trap and someone needs to show them pure love.

Monday, November 2, 2009


He is 29 now, on the cusp of real adulthood but he is still wrapped up with childish desires. His mantra is Dodger mania, sexual fantasy....I am so different from him I realized. Sports is a healthy enuff outlet but its shallow, its not the foundation of life. I am goal oriented and have a salvation complex...I am no longer going to pick romantic partners based on my saviour complex.

Loran's dad is back in the picture and I will honor that. We will either spend a year in Liberia or he will fly back here. Time will tell.