Monday, December 21, 2009

Saved by the man with the white pony tail.

Between the black and white world of corporate pirahnas, fish feeding comparisons and performance output, I met a Bohemian dude with a pony tail and naturally aged whiten hair to round off my week. He is my supervisor's supervisor and has more class, kindness and finesse than any of the corporate pitbulls I have dealt with all week. He made promises and commitments to get to the bottom of "it." He was a well wisher, a good listener and ended the meeting with the phrase "Ciao." He didn't have an agenda. He didn't pre judge the situation. He just took it all in. I erased my last blog becuz it was leftover anger from the clash of personalites and incomplete blanks of faces, facts and power. My new friend exercised no mismanaged power, didn't even seem to possess it - he instead have a calm authority, a corner office with comfort and a tinge of afternoon darkness over a pre empted Christmas holiday week. He had compassion that the other Non profit lacks. Most of all, he had wisdom to seek not to speak and his eyes gave assurance in the same way as Jesus and St. Claus. I feel I am being led down a new path, away from the haters and those who don't even question. Who assume and wish for the mess to remain just spilled on the terrain.