Friday, September 10, 2010

Relevance, a poem

Coming home then back
to bury a father
while my heart lay under attack
the home I long for
Minnesota dream
becomes a revolving door of necessity
Locked in L.A.
for a dry run
the road to success
repaired then undone
no longer entertainment
no longer capturnig souls
with my fame and delight
its been a good year since I let go
Branden washed in self absorption
Edison only wants some of the gold
that I spread around in the nineties
then turned to nickel shoal
My life towards Christ
is the road I choose
and all I see is half torn souls
on the streets of L.A.
arise oh, ministry
re-open the gates
so I can safeguard fantasy
and avoid fate
drinking communion wine
from a paper cup
spilled on the church carpet
for a sin to erupt
exorcise the vengeance
delegate the shame
Cast for in silence
Larry Welch is to blame.