Sunday, August 2, 2009


Conversion of life into
conversion of light
getting the message out
the message they could not receive
deaf ears fell upon mute lips
muted ears veiled with transparency
caught between quicksand of
misinterpreted fears
shouting then whispering
repenting with spears
thickets of wood in the cusp of your hand
plucked out for bleeding
on dry, teathered flesh
of your unrefined grace
caught in the crossfire
of your condemnation
unredeemed sources took a toll
from your staking
misguided hearts in the battle of saints
displaced soldiers to battle your rage
locked up insecurities linger in your cage
rewriting chapters to the sanscript page
looking for forgiveness
never finding your place.

Friendship with the world is enmity with God - James 4

Who art thou who judgest another?
What is your is even a vapor that appeareth for a little time...and then vanisheth away...if the Lord will...we should do this or that......for him to knoweth good and doeth it not....for him it is sin....James 4

The coming of the Lord draweth nigh.....James 5

Let your yeah be yeah and your nay be nay that ye may not fall under condemnation. James 5

Following God is a day by day thing. We cannot always know God's immediate plan for us. I did have a desire to escape...this L.A. life....but it was due to weather, crowds, traffic and many factors....I know I can equally serve God in Minnesota but God has deemed it more favorable that I serve him here. God has prevented my depature in three ways. He opened up an opportunity for me to enter the teaching program at Csun, he plagued me with a back problem within the few days I was supposed to move,....he allowed my computer to break at about the time I felt chained to it, during a fight with a former was a way to terminate the dissension and let it rest. I had to find other ways to get on the computer to job hunt and seek opportunities. Now I am bonded to Jury duty also and I am asking for a long term assignment so I can fufill my financial obligations thru August. Well, I am going back to listen to the audio Bible. Bloom where you are planted. I want to be a preacher.