Thursday, October 29, 2009

Neglecting this page/journal writing

I feel that I have neglected my blogger page and I really have so much to tell. This blogger page is different than my my space page or even Facebook Notes. This page is a representation of who I am as a person. It combines my philosophical beliefs about religion, government, international politics as well as my personal journey as a middle aged woman from the Midwest to California.

I have had an identity crisis the last year and a half or so. My id/ego has wanted to retransport back to the Midwest but circumstances and God's divine will has not allowed that. California has benefitted me in a way that has been backhanded in a sense. Every time something else fell through with my plans, God showed me a reason for continuing to stay here. I have good public assistance which is now occupationally oriented. I am no longer on cash aid but get support because I am working for transportation and other misc. items. Anyways, God did allow me to wait it out and everything came together to be enrolled in the teaching program which is a long, arduous process. You have to clearance by the state, you have to pass a few tests,....I already had my references....there are some other hurdles as well. Csun didn't accept us till the week before school and it was a bitch getting our financial aid underway. I hadn't even officially re applied to the university, how stupid of me. I finally got my financial aid on Sept. 18, and it allowed me to pay off two credit cards, my life insurance and my sons and other extenuating bills.

Well, my son has the flu today....hopefully not the swine flu.....and I have to go make him toast. Over and out.