Monday, October 12, 2009

General Thoughts

Well, its Monday and I am slowly swimming back into humanity. I have four papers to write 2nite...which I forgot about it. They are all for one class. This weekend was a whirlwind....Friday night I went to the Michael Moore movie....then ate at a friend at Dennys till 3....Saturday I took Loran, Blake to movies and ran errands then picked up Christina in the Valley to go help celebrate Ken's birthday. Xtina never saw Joan's apt. Then I had to feed the church Sunday and spent $ a few other things............then I had to go back To San Pedro and watched Desp Housewives with Joan. I don't really like driving that much anymore. I get super stressed if I have to drive too much. It was nice seeing Christina....She lives in a nice neighborhood. Ken enjoyed himself. My lunch break is over... got to run.

aI did have a falling out with Rownik and I feel I made the right decision even if she doesn't agree to it. That's life. I have to cut my losses if things are not manifesting in a puritan way.