Sunday, January 23, 2011

Final decision

I guess this is going to be rather raw of a discussion. this blog is not about the Native American actor - I am prefacing that. Contrasted to my recent experience with one famous person in my life, I am towing the line of a romantic vein with a talk show radio host in L.A. who is on the polar opposite spectrum of my political views. The romance is fun. The ability of myself to hold his attention is trying. Which leads me to believe, why the HELL AM I DOING IT? Even if we were to have one chemistry filled date of opposition attraction and fantasy contrast, it would be self destructive. I don't hold him in my own moral barometer and he would eventually piss me off. I have spoken to him for over one month now, every friggin day. I am enjoying it but want to stop before it becomes a sad ending. He is not my hero. Hillary Clinton, JFK, RFK, JFK JR, Teddy and Barack Obama are my heroes. I respect his point of view. I respect him holding his own. But hard work alone doesn't have to make you conservative and idealistic. He is just a man who got somewhere. And I sure as hell would not write a book called "Stupid White Women." He wrote a book called "Stupid Black Man." That alone is derogatory towards a race that has SUFFERED. Who is he to inject his moral compass into the hearts of those people who struggle. Al Sharpton didn't end up the way he did because he had an easy life. He may be overly vocal like Rev. Jackson, but out of America's struggles, Preachers like that will rise. I just don't think in the end, it would work out even though I know for sure we have a sexual connection. This is my coming out week and I would only want to sleep with him because he is well known, sad to say.