Friday, June 19, 2009

Raging against the light

I am raging against the darkness and light
fighting time fighting structure
interuupting intervals
creating excitement between the mundane fortresses of my journey
pushing aside practicality for totality

I have had conflict in my life recently.
Unbelievers, doubtful family members
splintered gene pools
lost ideals
recessive role models
and yet better people have come to bat
Wendy, Andrew, Julie and Teresa
people who generate life and not destroy it brother sits at a pre paid campsite
and codes that as his destiny
never wondering what else he could be

and he sucks at conciliator
he's no Barack Obama
he's a pre emptive Bush mute
unable to verbalize his inner warfare
his battle plan
or even define his enemy.
He is too simple to even examine.
Take another swing and you may get one out of the park
as they say in Spanish