Friday, November 5, 2010

Between the intention and the delivery If anyone knows anything about American politics, is that the ying and the yang are more like a boulder on top of hill, ready to fall on the lone bystander 300 feet down. The end will come as well as the beginning of new suffering. The Republican mantra is really about inflicting pain on others as well as absence of comfort. When you think about it, its like a Christian with conviction with no real love. Remember 1 Corinthians 13 - If I have have everything but no love, I am nothing. (paraphrased). The Republican is like the Pharisee, claiming their higher authority and looking down on anyone who lacks their frame of reference. So you want to end abortion but will condemn the woman who has the illegitimate child and accept public assistance. So you think national health care implementation is out of the scope of government and will cause destruction, yet you still tolerate illegal immigrants receiving free health care, welfare families getting free and subsidized health care vs. a system where everyone pays either through their company or individually and the health care is guaranteed. Where is the social good mantra? If the self righteous Republican, Christians included, want God and Jesus in government then you are going to have to implement the philosophy of Jesus into your daily lives and as a citizen of government. That means, you will have to give all you have to the poor as Jesus mandates, follow him by first giving up your material comfort, lay down your life for your brother, feed clothe and help your fellow man. That should be the sole mission of every Christian. Is to relieve the pain and suffering of others. For right wing Christians who want full entrance and authority in the public sphere which is inclusive of all factions of citizens including gays, pacifists, and socialists, supplementation for human needs must be met by provisional government. In other words, you cannot impress your own self imposed needs based models on the diverse citizenry. You must honor their definition of life, liberty and happiness? Are you up for the job? In 30 years, the Christian right has proven one thing. They are oppressive, elitists and not capable of reflecting Christ. They support wars where 21 yr olds die for bad foreign policy making. They support eliminating food stamps for the poor like in Wisconsin as Tommy Thompson did. They are non-compassionate. They are failures and fuelers of hatred. As a Christian on the left, I denounce their claim to exist morally in politics. I will refute the Christian right who has proven time over they do not reflect the only deity worth emanating: Jesus. Come follow me to the Christian left on blogtalk radio on the Ernest Radio Network and join the discussion Sunday nights from 7-8 p.m. Pacific: Political Gravity with Jane Hoffman 347-989-1942 When will the other shoe drop and America's lack of compassion and hatred result in real suffering? The way we treat our fellow citizens will bring judgment day to a rapid advancement on how God will handle Christians who spread hatred. Sean Hannity is the number one hate-monger and it is his mission to destroy Obama.

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